What are you doing for FUNds today?

Funds Apr 19When did money become something we need to work hard to get?

When did we decide that we need to spend our days providing services that we really have no interest or desire to do in order for us to receive money?

When did we decide doing these things in return for money was a fair exchange?

When did money become a measure of our self-worth? A measure of our success?

When and where did we decide that money had power? Good or Evil.

When and why did we forget that just like everything else that’s been used in our history that money is simply an exchange of energy, currency? Nothing sinister or evil. Nothing to be worshipped or put on a pedestal.

And my biggest question to you, when did we decide that we couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t receive money from following our passion?

When did we decide that we shouldn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t receive money by doing what we enjoy?

When did we decide we wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t receive money for our creativity, our art, our being?

Side note: If you are following your passion, doing what you enjoy, making a living with your creative endeavours, your art, your being and you’re not receiving money for it this does NOT mean that you do not know your worth. It does NOT mean that you don’t deserve it, or anything else you may now be making up in your head.