Anger or Pleasure? Anger or Joy? Anger or Fun?

Anger Apr 8How many of us are walking around with low-grade anger?How many of us are at maintenance-level anger? How many of us are quietly seething throughout the day?

It’s hard, in fact I would say it’s almost impossible to feel pure pleasure and joy when we’re dealing with long-term anger. Fun with our partner can hardly be on the top of our “I want to” list when we’re still angry about something that happened last year, last week, last night - even in the last minute. And your Body Wisdom? When you’re tense and stressed, how can you even begin to tune in to what your body knows and is desperately trying to tell you?

Now, I’m not saying anger is bad. I am saying though that holding onto this anger is preventing you from fully stepping into your joy, your pleasure centre and your fun.

I’m not telling you to pretend everything is ok when it’s not. I’m not telling you to suppress your anger - that’s what got you here in the first place! Accepting you’re angry, allowing yourself to feel the anger and then releasing it is far more effective.

Once you’ve released everything, and only once you’ve done the releasing it’s time to go to Appreciation 😃 I do want to emphasise Appreciate doesn't mean appreciating the lessons we learnt from the "bad" experiences we're releasing - once they’re released, they’re released. You’re just appreciating whatever is good right now.

So there you go - anger or pleasure? Anger or Joy? Anger or Fun?

The choice is yours - which would you prefer?