do what's right for you

When are you going to start doing what’s right for you? I’m begging you..

How many times have you stayed somewhere because you “should”? How often do you choose something that suits everyone? How many of your decisions have been based on what someone else wants?

Someone else needs?

Your parents.

Your partner.

Your children.

Your boss.

When was the last time you chose something just for you? Something that you wanted, something you desired, something that lit you up inside?

What we don’t realise is the more we allow everyone else’s needs to come first the more we’re losing ourselves.

The more we choose to keep the peace the less we express ourselves.

The more we ignore the things that don’t light us up to please people or because we feel we should, well the more our light dims...

And when that happens then that’s when we start to feel lost. That’s when those moments of emptiness and loneliness show up.

That’s when we get desperate and throw it all in the air.

We yell.

We scream.

We leave.

We burn everything down so that we feel free again

What if it didn’t need to be that way?

What if we started doing what was right for us BEFORE we got to that point?

How would THAT feel?

Imagine how much richer our lives would be.

This life, our current one BEFORE we burn it all down.

Imagine what our relationships would be like?

There’s a level of intimacy that comes from being completely ourselves, honouring our own needs, wants and desires and being able to share that with one another knowing that neither of you are being of service to the other unless you’re doing what’s right for you.

Imagine what your work would look like? The level of commitment and consistency you would show your clients, because these would be your Soul Clients, because why would you have any other kind of client???

Imagine your parenting? How you would show up knowing both that your own cup was filled AND that you’re parenting YOUR WAY.

So when are you going to start doing what’s right for you?