BookClub MasterClass

Trusting my Soul has been both the scariest and easiest part of my life journey so far and I know she is always right. No matter how scared I am, I trust fully that she knows what's best for me, after all she is me. The purest part of me.

As many of you know I began a collaboration with 4 amazing women last year called BookClub MasterClass

My highest vision for BookClub MasterClass is to provide every woman with the love and support she needs to not just read a book, but to also implement it and make the changes to her life that will make the biggest impact on her and those around her. The Elders, the Keepers of Wisdom there to lead the way, not just with their words but with their experiences, their actions, their knowledge.

We are all so isolated and alone these days, in a way we've never been before. And we women are not created to function, to flower, to blossom in this way. We NEED a Village around us. We need to know that we are not alone. We NEED to have those around us to learn from and we need to be of service and share our knowledge with those who would benefit.

Equally being of service as well as having the support is tantamount.

I dream of BookClub MasterClass circles all around the world. Virtual and In-person. I see us in airport lounges, trains, planes and anywhere else that groups of women gather together.

My vision for BookClub MasterClass and for all of us as women supporting mamas, corporate women, and entrepreneurs. I see us supporting young girls beginning their journey and the wise elder women who still have so much more to offer.

All of us celebrating women form all walks of life and through this celebration of women, through this support, through this Village I see us changing the world, one woman at a time, one book at a time, one sentence at a time.

While this is no longer the space for me to be working in, I still dream of all of this and I know the bridge between where we are and where we want to be is having that Village around us, walking beside us, standing with us, giving and receiving.

So if you haven't joined yet, I urge you to join now. Gift yourself with the love and support that will inspire and encourage you to be all you wish to be. Gift yourself the space to simply BE. Gift yourself the Village you've been looking for, waiting for, wishing for.

It's here and waiting for you...