Feel What You Feel

It's not our feelings that are the problem. It's the way we judge ourselves for them. If you're because you've lost someone then you're probably ok with embracing that sadness, what about when you're sad because you didn't get the job you wanted, the client you hoped for, the sale you were counting on? Or even for no reason at all?Sadness is just a feeling. The sadness is not the problem. There's nothing wrong with being sad for no reason, in fact I believe it's a great guide for some reflection.What we do when we're sad quite often though is we beat ourselves up for being sad.

How can I be so ungrateful? What's wrong with me? I'm meant to be spiritual. Oh no, the law of attraction says that I get what I think. I'm creating a sad future for myself. Well I deserve it, I'm so ungrateful, I must be ungrateful if I'm feeling this way. And on and on and on we go.

So please, please, please for the love of all that is holy, ALLOW yourself to feel whatever you are feeling.

Feel it, let it move through you, and release it.