are you willing to receive?

How much are you willing to receive?

I truly believe that we can all receive as much money, as much abundance and prosperity as we desire.

As long as we are an energetic match for it.

In fact I know this to be true from my own experience.

A single mother through choice at a very young age my daughter and I always had money. She’s all grown up now and she remembers the same as I do, that there was always an abundance of money.

That’s not to say that we don’t have to take action, I believe we need action as much as we need the mindset, but that’s a story for another day.

I believe that whatever you are energetically aligned to us what you will get. Now this can work for you or against you. You may for example be energetically aligned to EARN $10000 a month but only feel like you’re worth $5000 a month, in this case what would occur is as you earn more and more money you’ll also find unexpected (and planned) ways to spend as much money as it takes to have you feeling comfortable.

Gay Hendricks would call this an Upper Limit Problem (read The Big Leap if you want to know more). I’ve always known this to be true for me.

Anytime I’m not in abundance I know there’s something deeper I’m avoiding.

What I never thought about until recently is what happens when you’re gifted in a way that you’re not aligned to?

For example I’m sure none of us would reject or feel unworthy to receive money for something we perceive as hard work. An eight hour day of some gruelling task.

What if though you were to be paid twice as much for something that comes easy to you? Something that took you half the time that was allocated.

Would you feel as deserving?

Would you feel as though you earned it?

Would you accept it?

And what if we go a step further and someone was to approach you and offer you $10000 to spend the week observing you at work?

How would that feel?

Or if someone were to gift you something expensive that would help you in your business?

V.I.P. Coaching from a well known expert in your field (or theirs),or a fully customised website?

Would you accept it and make the most of it?

Would you take that coaching and drink in every bit of knowledge that expert had and put it into practice transforming both your personal life and your business?

Would you make sure you created the best website for your business, expanding your reach to potential clients?

Or would you turn down the offer?

Sabotage the work and results that you could have working alongside these people that could transform your business?

So often we feel that we need to deserve the accolades and abundance.

So often it needs to come to us a certain way.

We need to work hard for it.

We need to earn it.

We need to suffer for it.

So often we miss opportunities because they look differently to how we believe they’re supposed to look.

We sabotage ourselves because we feel we didn’t earn it.

What would it take for you to be open to receiving more?

More than you’ve ever received before.

What would it take for you to receive with ease?

What would it take for you to be an energetic match for whatever you want?