If You Owe Me Money I Now Release You

Money blocks. Upper limit issues. Glass ceilings. Scarcity thinking. Yuck, yuck, yuck. What a way to feel. This isn’t the life I want to live. I’ve been looking around at my life a lot lately, being physically sick gives you that opportunity. And I’ve realised, really realised just how blessed I am. Blessed to live in a country with clean drinking water that’s accessible to all. Blessed to have a roof over my head. Blessed to have access to fresh fruit, vegetables, everything I require. And the ability to walk less than ten minutes away to simply purchase it from a store. Blessed to have friends that reach out not just when things are going well but also when they know I’m sick. Blessed that the family I was born into is the family I would choose again. Blessed to have healthy happy children. Blessed to be in an absolutely amazing relationship.Then there’s the less obvious things that have me feeling blessed.Blessed that I understand the importance of Mindset. Blessed I know the power of affirmations, journaling AND ACTION. Blessed that I always know when it’s my Soul and when it’s my Ego talking to me (that doesn’t mean I always listen 😂) Blessed that my intuition never leads me astray (when I listen)

Which brings me to my point (talk about burying the lead!), my Soul is telling me to release you from your debt to me.

If you owe me money. If you made a deal with yourself that you would pay me back at some point. If I paid for a service and you know you didn’t deliver. If you think (or know) you owe me financial restitution in any way shape or form, in this life or any other I release you from your debt. I cancel and delete any contracts that were signed and you are now free.

I don’t want to live from a space of scarcity or lack. I know the Universe to be abundant and prosperous and more than that, I know that I can absorb the loss for this very reason 😊

How does that feel for you? For me it feels generous. It feels freeing. It feels like love. It feels like beauty. It feels prosperous. And that’s exactly how I want to feel.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.