I'm a Mama

THIS is MY priority. �This is my most important job, my purpose, my mission, my everything.�This means being there for my children.�This means spending time with them.�This means talking to them, sharing with them, listening to them and being with them.�This also means working on my relationship with their father, who just happens to be my best friend and husband FIRST. I know this is an unpopular theory these days where everyone is telling you that there needs to be more, you need to be more, you need to do more. To lead by example, to revolve your life around your children is unhealthy for them, to put you first. And I get that. Yes I do want more, I always will. It's my nature to desire, receive, desire more, receive more. To me that's just the way I live, I call it expansion.�Yes I do want to be more, I want to share and show and inspire others to be themselves, to shine as only they can.�Yes I want to do more, I want to teach and coach and mentor.�Yes, of course I want to lead by example. At this point of my life though, my world does revolve around my children. They have needs that need to be met by me and by their father and I'm ok with that. In fact I embrace it. It won't be long before they barely need us at all.�At this point of my life I don't need to come first. Yes I need to look after myself (my health this year is living proof of that) and I still need to be fulfilled, however fulfilment is a state of mind and I can choose it at any time, it doesn't need to come from a specific result or an outcome that society deems appropriate. Knowing what my values are, knowing what's important to me, knowing my priorities makes choosing what I commit to so much easier. The world needs you to show up in all your glory as YOU!�Do you know your values? Do you know what your priorities are? Do you know what's really important to you?