follow your heart

We want what we want and it’s not selfish to follow our desires, it’s essential!!!

Made a pro and con list but still can’t make up your mind?

Asked everyone you know but you’re still unsure?

Confused with whether it’s self sabotage or proof that it’s not for you?

Waiting for a sign?

What if I could tell you how to know for sure?

What if I could tell you that you do already know?

What if I could tell you how to make decisions easily and effortlessly in every area of your life?

Would you want to know?

Of course you would.

So here it is.

Ask yourself this one question:

Do I want this?

Emphasis on the WANT.

Want, desire, wish, fancy, long, dream of, yearn for.

Do I WANT to eat this?

Do I DESIRE going on a date with him?

Do I wish I could do this? (Side note, you can).

Do I fancy him?

Do I long for a vacation? Do I dream about making a difference?

Do I yearn for this?

It doesn’t need to make sense. Don’t worry about the how.

Ask yourself, Do I want this?

I heard somewhere a long time ago that confusion is the last barrier to getting what we want and I believe that is totally the case.

We ALWAYS know what we want, what we don’t know is how to get it.

How to get it without upsetting anyone else.

How to get it without losing approval.

How to get it without justifying it.

How to get it without feeling selfish.

We want what we want and that’s perfect.

Society has told us that to be “good”, to be “deserving”, to be liked and nice that we shouldn’t be selfish, that we should think of others, that we can’t have everything our own way. We need to be considerate, we need to not take too much - as if there’s not enough for all of us!

No wonder we get stuck in indecision. No wonder so many of us are suppressed and repressed. No wonder depression and anxiety are rife in our communities.

We want what we want and that IS perfect. We dream our dreams for a reason, to make them come true. We desire what our Soul is whispering, telling, screaming out to us.

Our desire is our compass. Our desire is leads us on our path. And following it will take us everywhere we really want to go and it will lead us to everything we actually want.

So next time you’re trying to make a decision, the next time you think you can’t choose, ask yourself:

What is it I truly desire?