Only do what's fun

Fun Oct 21It’s really quite obvious and yet we all ignore it.Our sense of duty and responsibility tells us that these things need to be done, who else is going to mop the floor? Do the dishes? If not us then who? The thing is though, when we spend all our time and energy doing the things we feel we should do, things that we really don’t have fun doing then we’re usually too tired to do the things that are fun. The things that actually create our live. Why wouldn’t we want to do the things that light us up? Let’s take the juiciness and yumminess of a life filled with our deepest desires, a life filled with passion and purpose, a fun-filled and fulfilled life? Let’s embrace a life filled with ease and joy. Let’s say no to anything that doesn’t serve us and yes to everything that does. From a business point of view it’s even more important to do the things that are fun. When you’re not having fun you’re stressed, you’re overwhelmed, you’re resentful and you’re coming from a place of duty and obligation rather than one of being in service and generous. It’s hard to feel generous when you’ve spent all day doing the chores in your business that you detest. It’s hard to be of service when you’re spending all day doing paperwork and accounts when you don’t enjoy doing that. When you’re having fun in your business you’re more efficient, you’re more connected, you make better decisions, AND you’re more attractive, physically as well from a wanting to work with you point of view, to your clients and potential clients!