are you being rejected or protected?

How many times have you applied for a rental and not been approved?⠀

How many times have you gone for a job interview and been turned down?⠀

How many times have you sat by the phone waiting to hear back from the guy and there’s been nothing?⠀

How many times have you not signed up the client?

How many times have you missed the sale?⠀

How many times have you lost the project/proposal?⠀ How many times have you really, really, rally wanted something and not gotten it?⠀ ⠀

And how many times did you discover later that it was a good thing?⠀ ⠀

The rental had structural problems.⠀

The company folded.⠀

You met the man of your dreams weeks later.⠀

You heard along the grapevine that the potential client was a disaster to work with.⠀

The sale, the proposal, the project would have meant that you had to miss out on the trip of a lifetime, working with someone you’ve admired for years or simply taken more time than you would have liked.⠀ ⠀

If you believe (and I totally do) that the Universe is always looking out for you.⠀

If you choose to believe that everything is always working out for you.⠀

If you decide that you are the Creator of your life and that you can and do create the life of your dreams.⠀ ⠀

Then surely rejection must be your protection.⠀ ⠀

Protecting you from things that don’t and won’t really serve you.⠀

Protection from things that will steal from your precious money and time.⠀

Protection from everything that your Soul is crying for you to get away from but you’re holding on so tight to how it has to look that you’re not listening to her.⠀ ⠀

Rejection is simply the Universe protecting your dreams.⠀ ⠀

Now doesn’t that make you feel better?



Protected?⠀ ⠀