Stop squashing your joy

It’s not just our anger.It’s not just our sadness. It’s not just our grief that we try to squash, to contain, to ignore.

It’s also our happiness. It’s our elation with how well things turned out. It’s our pride in a job well done. It’s the pure joy we feel because in that moment we felt that we were living the life of our dreams.

We suppress feeling good like it’s a sin to enjoy. We play down our happiness like we’re doing our friend a favour. We tell ourselves it’s bragging, showing off, boastful to express our joy in all it’s glory.

I for one want to hear about your happiness. I want to hear how well your business is doing. I want to see you lit up from within. I want to know that I too can have this. I too can be this. I too can reach these heights and share them.

Please don’t squash your joy anymore.