the call of the moon

And as always I feel the pull of the moon.
The pull to go within.
The pull to feel what I’ve been avoiding.

Holding on to what no longer serves me, yes this is an ongoing game. 
With every expansion there are changes, perceived losses, releasing.

Shining your light on all the areas I’m still playing small.
Shining your light on all the places I’m not showing up fully, or even at all.
Shining your light on promises broken, intentions unfulfilled, amplifying what I said I would do but didn’t.

I feel the tension, the tension between us, the tension between alignment and compromising myself for peace, for quiet, for something other than my Soul’s desires.

I feel the anger and resentment rise and then fall, knowing it’s not at all the truth.

I feel the energy, the expansion, the space as I release the old, as I release myself from what was not done and I bathe in the perfection of the moment.

I feel you gently guiding me back home, inwards, within.
And I feel myself realign again and begin again.

And all is well, and all is wonderful, and all is love and stardust and magic.

And I allow it.
And I accept it.
And I receive it.


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