The Law of Divine Compensation

Law of Divine Compensation Dec 14

From Marianne Williamson The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money & Miracles

Allow yourself to want what you want. Many people have a hard time allowing themselves to really want what they want. They think, at least subconsciously, that asking for total happiness is asking for too much. They don’t bother, therefore, to truly listen to their heart’s desire. But when your mind is attuned through prayer, meditation, and forgiveness; when your body is attuned through healthy nutrition and exercise; and when your behavior is attuned through a sincere effort at healthy living, then you’ve earned the right to trust yourself. For when you’re aligned with truth, your desires are trustworthy. When you’re praying and meditating, you don’t want to judge and attack; when you’re eating well and exercising, you don’t want to sit in front of the TV and eat hot- fudge sundaes every night; and when you’re seeking to live a life of integrity, you don’t want to make money at the expense of others. Desire is righteous when it flows through a righteous vessel. The righteous manifestation of money means manifestation bring forth by the right use of the mind. Righteously earned money is a reflection of the abundance you brought forth through the giving of your gifts to the universe. It is not in any way a bleeding of the resources of the world, or of anyone else’s pockets. It is an expression of the Infinite introduced into the finite world. In looking at nature, we clearly see its abundance. From the extraordinary design of a flower to the amazing colors on the feathers of a bird, from the magnificence of a mountain range to the sparkling light of stars at night, the universe keeps it simple in function, but not in presentation. That is how we should live our lives: keeping the function simple— serving the purposes of love— but expressing ourselves with whatever aesthetic or artistic sensibility gives us joy. The idea that only simple sackcloth expresses holiness doesn’t jive with the natural expressions of a living, loving universe. Our outer circumstances do not determine the holiness of our thoughts. Many people equate the love of money with greed, but no socioeconomic group has a monopoly on love. The love of money isn’t of itself greedy, any more than love of anything else is greedy. Greed is when you have a desire that blinds you to the needs or wants of others. My love of art doesn’t make me greedy; it doesn’t make me plot ways to steal art from the walls of someone else’s house. My love of literature doesn’t make me greedy; if I read a book by Thomas Hardy, there isn’t any less Thomas Hardy for you. Similarly, my love of money doesn’t make me greedy, unless I’m thinking of my money as something I’m taking from you, rather than creating with you. If I equate a love of money with greed, I’m subconsciously limiting my ability to attract it. For if I do attract it, I must be greedy; therefore I’m bad; therefore I must feel guilty; therefore I must keep money at bay in order to avoid feeling guilty. And then we wonder why we have no money! Now let’s imagine another scenario altogether. You generate righteous effort and receive financial reward in exchange. Remembering that all abundance comes from God, you realize that you are only the steward of your money. You realize that there is more than enough prosperity where that came from, because God is a realm of infinite abundance. You receive whatever is meant to come to you with gracious receptivity and gratitude, as well as a sober sense of responsibility to manage and use your money well. Like everything else, money is a reflection of love. It is to be used as God directs, as a way to care for all living things. We are meant to use the money that comes our way to take care of ourselves and those close to us, as well as for charity and for nonprofit and righteous profit- making ventures. All those things, when done with love, further God’s work in the world. Money is meant to give increase, not only to yourself but also to others. You invest in a way that does good; you work in a way that creates good; you live in a way that feels good. And because of that, people whom you do not even know will experience increase in their lives that they would not have otherwise experienced. Someone’s store is more likely to thrive because you shop there; someone’s restaurant is more likely to expand because you and your friends eat there; someone’s valid request for financial assistance is more likely to be met because you have money to be generous with. You are empowered not because you have money, but because with that money you can help empower others. You’re not coming from a “get” mentality; you’re simply allowing the flow of universal energy to move through you and use you in a way that serves a greater good. Bless every dollar, and every dollar will then bless you.