the power of journalling

The Power Of Journalling... Journalling not only ROCKS my world it CREATES my world. Of all the tools that I’ve learnt over the years this is seriously one of the most powerful.

The Power Of Journalling
The Power Of Journalling

There are so many ways to journal, so many ways to call in what you want.

The power of journalling is so strong...

The first and most important is to simply begin.

Just start writing. Don’t think about it. Just write everything that comes up for you. Don’t censor. Don’t question. Don’t second guess. Let it all out. Your Soul desires. What you yearn for. What lights you up. What makes you (or would make you) jump out of bed in the morning, eager to be. What gives you tingles, goosebumps, that rollercoaster feeling? What do you know above all else that your Soul is asking for?

And then go do that.

The World Needs You.