The Universe is looking out for you

You know those times when you believe you know better than your Soul?Those times you think, “No, no. I know better than you.” Those times you want to sign up for the course, go to the job interview, go on a date with that really cute guy even though your Soul keeps telling you, “No, this isn’t for you.” Those times you try to sign up for the course but no-one replies to your message, even though they’re always prompt every other time. Or your payment won’t go through even though you have the money. You go to the job interview and you don’t get the job, even though you’re definitely qualified. You say yes to the guy and then he stands you up. That’s the Universe/Creator/God looking out for your Soul. That’s the Universe telling you there’s something better for you. That’s the Universe protecting you from you. You could make it easier by listening to your Soul in the first place, but where would the fun be in that ;)