Use YOUR gifts


I wrote this as my role as the Director of The Earth Diet Health Coaches but as it applies to all areas of business I thought I'd share it here too. I did want to say something that seems to be a bit of a challenge that's come up with a few people.

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I really want you all to take a moment and really appreciate who YOU are and what YOUR unique talents and gifts are. You've all been chosen for a reason, and you're all gifted in your own unique way. I know it seems like there are a lot of you and there's been questions on how the clients will be filtered through so that everyone gets enough work. It feels a little like a "scarcity" mindset to me (and it may just be me) so I really wanted to address this issue before it grows.

Yes, there are lots coaches, what you need to remember though is that there are billions of people looking to improve and upgrade their diet, their health and their life. One of the most important parts of your home page is for you to tell YOUR story and to share your unique gifts and talents. In this way, you will be attracting exactly the right clients for YOU. The people who need YOUR skills will naturally gravitate towards you and in turn these will be the people that YOU want to work with most, and the ones you will be able to assist the best.

For example my pages will state that I am a vegetarian/aspiring vegan. I will make this very clear and therefore people who still eat meat will gravitate to another coach, this works for me as I personally don't want to promote the eating of meat, it works for the client as they will find a coach willing to incorporate meat into their eating plan while still upgrading their diet and it works for the coach who takes this client as they are fulfilling their desire to make a change in people's lives. So as you can see it's a Win-Win-Win situation.

There is no shortage of people wanting to improve their lives, their diets, their health and their lifestyles.

I believe we have the best range of people to accommodate to every single persons individual needs and YOU are part of that group.

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Can you see where this could apply to you in your life?

Where are you in a scarcity frame of mind? And what difference would it make for you to use YOUR unique talents?